A collection of digital media curated throughout my education at the University of California Santa Barbara

Outside of the classroom, I enjoy other creative outlets like film and photography. The time I spent growing up on both the east and west coast, Virginia and California, has helped me adapt and experiment with different styles and aesthetics ranging from minimalist to vibrant colors and abstract shapes. It's this play with design that has helped me to define my own sense of individuality.


Me Too Movement

Six-Word Stories from College Women...

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Core Power Yoga for College Students

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11 Animated Characters You Secretly had a Crush...

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CAJU Bedding

Handmade, Fragranced, Sustainable: CAJU

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Jennifer Lawrence

8 Reasons Why Jennifer Lawrence is Every Woman...

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Hello Fresh

A College Student's Review of Produce Delivery...

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Style Adive of the Week

Style Advice of the Week: Get in the Game

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